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5 year workmanship defect warranty

          Hardscapes are essentially the non-living aspects of your landscape design. If you've already invested in the living elements, it's time to update the design by factoring in a more solid structure. Whether it be a paver patio, walkway, or retaining wall, when used in conjunction with the living elements of landscaping, they notably compliment one another. As opposed to the rather mundane appearance  of  concrete or macadam, pavers provide a more unique and opulent display. We select our pavers from high quality suppliers, and incorporate high quality materials to go along with all projects so you can have the best experience. Creating the structure of your dreams gets even less complicated when you have Eagle Landscapes take your ideas and convert them into a digital display. These highly realistic 3D renders of your project gives you the ability to see your project before its even started! 


Paver patio install,  berks county, Pennsylvania.

Concrete pavers provide an elegant and unique style to any home or business. They prominently stand out when compared to typical poured-concrete. Pavers are low maintenance and are much easier to replace or repair as opposed to concrete slabs, which tend to crack. Coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors, creating a paver patio can easily turn into a piece of artwork that will be distinctly​ displayed on your property when finished. Adding outdoor elements such as lighting, firepits, kitchens, and waterfalls will further enhance your project. 


Paver brick sidewalk design,  berks county, Pennsylvania.

Furthering the curb appeal of your yard can be as simple as adding a paver walkway. Whether in the back yard or the front, a purposeful path adds both character and functionality. Additionally, any  visitors making way down a nicely displayed path will ensure that  they feel welcomed & greeted even prior to knocking on your front door! 

5 year warranty for hardscaping projects,  berks county, Pennsylvania.

5 year workmanship defect warranty on all hardscapes.

Excellent customer service,eagle landscaps  berks county, Pennsylvania.

Superior service from start to finish.

"The entire experience, including the final result, exceeded our expectations. We've already received a number of compliments on our new paver patio." -Randy A.




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