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Are your flowerbeds looking a little lifeless? 

Natural edging and mulching flowerbeds
Natural edging and mulching flowerbeds

          Transform your flowerbeds with fresh mulch. Adding fresh mulch to your flowerbeds provides more than just aesthetic appeal. It retains soil moisture, insulates during harsh weather, and adds organic matter to soil. There are also many benefits of using mulch, which include:

  • Acting as a natural weed block.

  • Retaining moisture in the soil which is great for surrounding plants.

  • Acting as an insulator for soil temperatures during harsh weather.

  • Protects plants from frost damage.

  • Improving visual appearance of the landscaping.

  • Helping to prevent erosion of soil.

  • Adding organic matter to the soil as it breaks down.   

Our professional mulching services also include creating a beautiful deep natural edge for your flowerbeds, giving them a crisp, envy-worthy finish.

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Beautiful landscape design and mulching installs  berks county, Pennsylvania.
Bed edging and landscaping, mulchin install  berks county, Pennsylvania.
Flowerbed mulching and edging, berks county, Pennsylvania.

"..As for the finished product, I couldn't be more pleased. The difference is dramatic and I absolutely love the results.." -Mary S 




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