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Computer Designs

Do you have lots of ideas for your outdoor projects, but might be unable to visualize potential designs that could be incorporated into your property?  Using our design program, we take your ideas and digitally transform them, giving you the opportunity to be able to see your finished project in 2D or 3D before we even physically begin the job. It is a great way to see the project filled with 

different varieties of trees, shrubs, accessories, patios, & much more, while simultaneously giving you the opportunity to alter anything in the design. If you're not sure how a certain  hardscape or landscape design will look on your property, the digital renders will help give you a very realistic end-result. See below for more info regarding both processes. 

Design Process

 2D Designs  

There are two methods of the design process. The first, and simpler method, is working over an actual picture which will result in a realistic 2D display. This will involve a picture being taken of the area of focus regarding the overall project. This picture is then overlayed with realistic-looking shrubs, mulch, stones, patios, walls, or anything else that will be in the design. After this is completed you have a 2 dimensional picture of the "completed"  landscaping. 

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Landscape design service
Landscape design service

And below is an example of taking a 2D render and turning it into a real life project!

Landscape design services

 3D Designs  

 The second method is designing a 3D render of the property or area of focus (examples below).  The homeowners property will be digitally re-constructed, then the landscape project will likewise be designed as well. This is a bit more complicated and is great for more complex or costly projects. This method offers interactive 3D views, live mode panning around the design, and a digital tour--like you are flying around from above. After it is all completed, you are able to zoom and pan all around the design with very realistic end results. Our design fees for both 2D and 3D options depend on your project complexity,  so save yourself the stress of a regretted project and have your idea digitally designed before committing to it! 

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Outdoor living area landscaping
Backyard paver patio design
Paver patio backyard design
Retaining wall block flowerbed

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